Saturday, February 28, 2009

Town in the forest

It introduces the work "Town in the forest".

"Town in forest"

When the whole is taken, it is such feeling.

Paints have been scattered by the method of the sputtering.

The last finish gave birth, and ..climate setting of the work.. devised the drop of a surrounding tone and the stereoscopic effect in the sputtering.

In the town that was at an old age, it already becomes a phantom and now.
I want you to swell the imagination the person who sees fast.
Did you what kind of living thing live or exist?

Because I of the author do not know, either we will leave it to the imagination.
Very mysterious Art work!!

C&C Wellcome!


Jessie Lilac said...

I love this!x

Luke Maitland said...

Wow this ones great! Very imaginative.

阿部 真吏奈 said...

>Jessie Lilac
Thank you very much!!

>Luke Maitland
Thank you for your comment!!
I am happy!!