Sunday, July 5, 2009

DIDO26 One Night Exhibition & Party 2009

I also participated in a luxurious party of the limit at night of DIDO.
It rose as art work, stage performance, band, and DJ.

It was an event of artists' selling a performance and a handmade commodity, and raising a fund 10% of the profit to UNICEF.

19 artists participated from the country and eight artists participated from foreign countries.

It introduces the commodity that I produced.

It is T-shirt by which I did the design production.

applied tag!

I sold the art work.
It is addition message card!
Thanks to you, a work here sold!

Thanks to you, this art work sold, too !

I made the shopping bag of the design matched to the design of T-shirt.
The postcard matched to the design with the bag and the message was put in the purchase of T-shirt.!

This is my booth!!!

Total of seven T-shirt was sold!
It sold by four pieces for ladies' and for Mens' together yesterday.
Two additional orders entered because it had sold all.
I am very happy!!
Only s size of ladies' remained unsold.

It is booth idol's Rudy!!

It is a participation member!!

The size of ladies' that remains unsold will sell back the net!!

This is other artists' commodities.
It is very lovely!!

C&C Wellcome!

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