Sunday, August 16, 2009

DS at San Diego!

We went to Drawing Session at San Diego!

It is DS scenery.
Many artists were sketching.
I was drawing the sketch while eating ice cream in the next ice cream shop first.
The ice cream changed into the juice while I was drawing the picture in various people's sketchbooks!(><;)Haha...

Everybody were drawing delirious.

Shane drew the picture in my sketchbook!
I was very happy!!

It's Shane's picture!

This is a picture that I took while Marty and Phil of DreamWorks are negotiating.

Haha..It is a negotiation approval souvenir picture!
We were able to go to DreamWorks!
Thank you so much! Phil and Marty!!
(The article on DreamWorks will be contributed later. )

Marty's art!

It is a sketch that a lot of artists drew.

Thank you so much!everyone!!

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