Saturday, August 15, 2009

Munky King "Munky Bidness" Party!!

We went the party "Munky Bidness" quarterly Munky King after Comic-con.

Live drawing was very cool!

Nude painting was realy worth seeing!!

I want to do live drawing at such a place!

They painted it carefully.
It is splendid that they can draw the high quality picture in time!

Marty introduced Mr. Plex of "Munky King" to me.
I was able to hand my sketchbook to Plex!
I amazed to his very good Japanese!!
And He was kindhearted.
I am happy to meet Plex! and thank you very much Marty!

I enjoyed the party.
I wanted to be there a little more.
I want to go to such a party with a friend next year!!

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